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Odourless soak and dry is a mosquito repellent clothes wash laundry that treats your clothing with insect repellent that lasts up to 90 days. This innovative product removes the need to continuously application of insect repellent.

This is an innovative new approach to mosquito and general flying insect repellent.

This product will infuse your work or leisure clothing with an odourless, safe-to-wear and effective mosquito replellent. Protection for 30 washes or 90 days – whichever comes first.

It is applicable to a wide range of fabrics and products, for example, sleeping bags and other camping equipment, sport and outdoor clothing, mosquito nets and home textiles.

Effective for up to 3 months or 30 washes, against the growth of bacteria and repels biting insects. Turn your everyday clothing into your best defence using our laundry application - clean and effective.


The how to guide:

  • Wash your textiles as per normal.
  • Prepare the application.
    • Simply add the sachet to a container filled with 15l water, and mix well.
  • Wring dry the textiles.
  • Then add 4kg of textile - this can be any textile from clothing, sheets, hats etc.
  • Ensure textile is soaked and leave for 10 minutes.
  • Do not rinse or spin.
  • Hang out to dry.
  • Once the items are fully dry the process is complete!

Material Safety Data Sheets(MSDS) sheets are available in the Downloads section. Please read before applying the insect repellent clothes wash laundry detergent.