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Members of Mozzgo have had malaria from various parts of Africa and the sub-Continent.

Mozzgo aims to assist in limiting the spread of malaria by:

Impregnated textile products that are found around us (Clothing, curtains, sleeping bags, bed linen, tents, updating your mosquito net, table clothes and any other textile products.)

Using the walls of your house, school, office or community area to reduce the level of re infection of malaria.


A study sponsored by Mozzgo in a 32 bed hospital in India. The trial was for the paint based additive and to see what the re-infection rate would be using the product. The hospital was in Hiriyur, Karnataka, India.

Here is a quote from the leader of the study

The place has history of mosquito transmitted diseases like flu, chikengunya etc. The experiment was successful when tried on a hospital (name withheld by request) which was previously affected by mosquitoes and now after they painted with Mozzgo. They're very happy with the results as there's notable reduction of mosquitoes (almost no mosquitoes).

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Information regarding Malaria

The WHO estimates that in 2015 there were 214 million new cases of malaria resulting in 438,000 deaths. Others have estimated the number of cases at between 350 and 550 million for falciparum malaria. The majority of cases (65%) occur in children under 15 years old.



The geographic distribution of malaria within large regions is complex

The figures for Malaria are staggering throughout the world and prevention is far costlier in terms of humanitarian budgets and lives of the people living in these areas Under the download section of the website is a document describing the base product of the Mozzgo arsenal. The product is sanctioned by the WHO.

The figures for Malaria

Methodology deployed by Mozzgo

The aim of Mozzgo is not to expose the world to long-lasting pesticides and chemicals that take upto 20 years to decompose and therefore affect the environment.

We aim to the break the cycle shown in the image below, therefore impeding the reproductive cycle of the mosquito. 

Methodology deployed by Mozzgo