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Long Term & Long Lasting Mosquito Repellent Spray | Mosquito/Insect Repellent Laundry Detergent | UK

Mozzgo – The material based mosquito repellent that lasts 3 months or 30 washes.

Are you working, living or enjoying the great outdoors, but are plagued by mosquito and the ever-present fear of insect borne diseases like Malaria (one of the world’s greatest killers of people throughout the developing and developed world)?

Mozzgo has multiple long term and long lasting insect repellent products throughout the UK including mosquito repellent sprays and insect soak and dry laundry detergents that could possibly help you having to avoid and prevent bites, remaining effective for several hours.

 · Putting on a repellent spray that is effective for the time period of 90 odd minutes. This is effective should you no be sweating, become soaked or decide to take a swim.

· Scented candles are effective so long as they still have the oils still present

· You are down wind where the oils are effective – these are not viable in a work environment that entails you moving around a lot.

· Having to remember to put the sprays, stick or whatever other format the insect or mosquito repellent may come in.


Additional to our mosquito/insect repellent spray, Mozzgo, UK offers is a material based laundry detergent repellent that will last in your clothes for 3 months or roughly 30 washes.

What you have to do:

· Once you clothes have been washed with the mosquito/insect laundry detergent:

· Prepare a 4 kilogram sachet (weighs 57gramms) in cold water and soak 4 kilograms of clothes for 30 minutes.

· Hang the clothing out and allow them to become dry.

· Pack the clothing away and you are now protected using the repellent.

We also provide spray bottles in various sizes

If you are interested in any of our mosquito and insect repellent products including sprays and detergents, please don’t hesitate to contact us today - 07749124536 or drop us an email at graeme@mozzgo.com